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Looking For Somewhere To Eat In The Lake District?  Cast Your Eyes Over These 5 Gems

Date: 21st June 2012
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The Lake District is one of my favourite parts of the world. I live here, work here and simply love everything about it.

Probably known best for its crystal clear lakes and breathtaking mountains, what a lot of people don’t know about the Lake District is that it’s packed full of fantastic places to eat.

From Michelin Star restaurants through to wonderful little cafes, here we take a look at five of the Lake District’s culinary gems.

1. L’Enclume

On the south border of the Lake District is L’Enclume, one of the country’s most critically acclaimed restaurants.

Chef Simon Rogan heads up the restaurant and delivers food well worthy of the Michelin Star awarded to it. Using the finest local produce to deliver a menu that is constantly changing, it perfectly reflects the local meats and vegetables that are available at different points throughout the year.

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Goosemire Cottages on youtube

Date: 20th June 2012
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Just a short blog to say you can now watch our youtube video to get a quick feel of what our company is all about and what has to offer visitors to the website.

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7 Simple Reasons You Need To Visit The Lake District This Summer

Date: 17th June 2012
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Arguably the most beautiful part of the entire UK, not many people fully understand the size of the Lake District - it actually covers just under 900 square miles, which when you realise the entire 32 boroughs of London stretch for around 610 square miles, it makes the Lake District a big place.

Sure, a lot of the area is taken up by water - WIndermere and Ullswater alone account for 10% of the Lake District - but it’s still a huge part of the country and once you understand just how big it is, you realise just how many sights and attractions there are to sample in and around the area, particularly through the summer months.

Looking at activities for people of all ages, these seven events are just a few highlights of what to expect over the coming months in the area.

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Alpacas at High Winder Cottages near Ullswater

Date: 13th June 2012
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baby alpaca at winder green and winder barn on fells above ullswater

The owners of High Winder Cottages (Little Winder, Winder Ghyll, Winder Barn and Winder Green) have recently acquired a small heard of Alpacas. On 3rd of June a new addition was born.

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How To Have A Cheap But Fantastic Holiday In The Lake District

Date: 13th June 2012
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Whichever newspaper you read at the minute, chances are you’ll feel more than a little down afterwards.

Recessions. Double-dip recessions. Poor savings rates. Companies going into administration. There’s just so much doom and gloom at the moment that it can be difficult for even the most optimistic person to stay happy.

For a lot of people, their summer holidays are the only time of the year that they truly get away from the worries of everyday life. They’ve saved up, got enough money to spend for the week or two and don’t have to worry about anything from their ‘normal’ life during the holiday.

The problem this year - and in recent years - is that as more and more people have less money to spend and the cost of holidays seems to be rising year on year, going on holiday can be extremely costly - and for many, seemingly too costly for them to even consider.

Of course, the price does almost always rise when you choose to go abroad, but even a holiday in the Lake District, one of the most beautiful, open places in the whole of the UK, can appear to be too expensive.

But the positive news is a lot of the potential expense is simply not needed and you really don’t have to spend a small fortune to go on holiday - it’s just a matter of looking at what’s available to you, how you can save money by not buying the things you don’t actually need and simply enjoying the cheap - or free - attractions and activities.

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