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How To Have A Cheap But Fantastic Holiday In The Lake District

Date: 13th June 2012
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Whichever newspaper you read at the minute, chances are you’ll feel more than a little down afterwards.

Recessions. Double-dip recessions. Poor savings rates. Companies going into administration. There’s just so much doom and gloom at the moment that it can be difficult for even the most optimistic person to stay happy.

For a lot of people, their summer holidays are the only time of the year that they truly get away from the worries of everyday life. They’ve saved up, got enough money to spend for the week or two and don’t have to worry about anything from their ‘normal’ life during the holiday.

The problem this year - and in recent years - is that as more and more people have less money to spend and the cost of holidays seems to be rising year on year, going on holiday can be extremely costly - and for many, seemingly too costly for them to even consider.

Of course, the price does almost always rise when you choose to go abroad, but even a holiday in the Lake District, one of the most beautiful, open places in the whole of the UK, can appear to be too expensive.

But the positive news is a lot of the potential expense is simply not needed and you really don’t have to spend a small fortune to go on holiday - it’s just a matter of looking at what’s available to you, how you can save money by not buying the things you don’t actually need and simply enjoying the cheap - or free - attractions and activities.

Giving you a bit of an insight into the possibilities, here we have a look at how you can take a holiday in the Lake District without needing to feel you have to remortgage your house to do so.

Go self-catering

When you’re booking a holiday, whether it’s a family week or a romantic weekend, it can always be tempting to choose an option where you get some, or all, of your food and drink included.

Although great in one respect, you more often than not pay a premium for it - remember, especially on All Inclusive deals, you could eat and drink as much as you wish, meaning the hotel has to make sure it has charged each person enough initially, otherwise they could end up making a loss.

Choose to go self-catering in the Lake District and you set your food budget. You decide what you’re going to eat, when you’re going to eat it and where you’re going to eat it, whether that’s a breakfast cooked in your holiday cottage or a meal out in a restaurant to sample the local produce. You have full control over everything.

And the more control you have over your food and drink, the more control you have over your budget, meaning you can essentially spend as much or as little as you wish.

Embrace the great outdoors

How many times do you tell people that when you were younger, you used to spend a lot of time outside? Playing football, chasing friends and generally just spending all of your time out of the house, all the while having a great time.

The Lake District is the perfect part of the world to do just this, giving you the opportunity to take your own children away from their computers and televisions and show them just how much fun being outdoors can be.

Whether that’s having fun walking up Scafell Pike, the highest peak in the Lake District, splashing around in Windermere or simply running around in any one of the hundreds of open fields, it really is difficult not to have fun by embracing the great outdoors in the Lake District - and it can all be done without having to spend a penny.

Check out the free attractions

 Yes, the Lake District is beautiful and yes, it can amaze you simply by standing and staring, but if you’ve got children, there’s only so much entertaining green fields and blue skies can do.

Fortunately, the Lake District is packed full of free things to do and it’s just a matter of finding out which sights, attractions and activities are the ones that are right for you.

For example, how about a walk through Grizedale Forest to take in some of the amazing tree carvings and sculptures that are scattered throughout the area?

Perhaps a trip across Windermere on a ferry? Used by many locals to get from one side of the lake to the other, it’s a wonderful trip and if you go on as a foot passenger costs just 50p per person - and there’s no cost for children under four.

Or what about a visit to Ullswater? Without doubt a stunning part of the Lake District itself, not much can beat seeing the look on a child’s face when they first see wild deer and fell ponies running around freely.

The Lake District is one of those holiday destinations that so many people think has to be expensive, particularly if you’re taking a family - but the truth is it really doesn’t have to be!